Knights of Targoth Order of Veterans

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For some reason, the term "brotherhood" can bring up negative ideas.  But brotherhood is basically the banding together of brothers.  It is a term that is very positive.

The Knights of Targoth is a group of like-minded people from all walks of life with the same basic belief that politicians are full of crap, the Westboro Baptist church members are highly misguided individuals, but what is most important of all that we stand for is we want to promote respect for and to find ways to help the military, vets, and their families, and the community in general.
Whatever your spiritual belief, whether Christian, Athiest, or Pagan, it matters not, as we are not a church or cult.   We are an order of veterans of the United States armed forces.
You might see us out and about in our uniform.  This is either a black vest or a camouflage vest with our emblem on the back and the words Knights of Targoth above it.  This is the uniform that binds us together in brotherhood.   We are Americans and proud of it.   We stand ready to travel to other states and help our brothers and sisters of the cause in whatever way we can.  Some of us ride motorcycles, and others do not.  We are not a motorcycle club, or even a riding club.  We are something different.  We are an Order of Veterans.
We are not outlaws by any means, and we don't use violence in our day-to-day tasks. 
A Knight's spouse or significant other, children, siblings, parents, etc, are included in the K.O.T.'s extended family.  We are ALL family.
We respect others.  We give respect to the various organizations, motorcycle clubs, law enforcement agencies, etc. that exist in our great nation, and we expect the same respect in return.  We have no quarrels over territory or anything of the sort.  We stay out of that mess.  We just do our own thing, and expect to be allowed to do so.
The United States is a land of freedom, and as long as no laws are broken, we don't want to be harassed.  Think of us as you will, but have some respect and you will receive the same from us.
Our Mission is simple.  World domination.  Just kidding.  We want to promote a sense of patriotism and respect for our military and those who served in it, as well as their families.  Our goals may include fund raisers for families of deployed soldiers or standing with the Patriot Guard at funerals of our fallen.
But, I would also like to say that we are not some sort of non-profit organization.  A lot of what we do is hang out together, drink beer, go to shoot pool, karaoke, stuff like that.
The respect we have for the military and its vets and their families is just how we are.
The Lord Knight himself is a member of the American Legion. 
Also, he urges any Knight to join the American Legion as well (that is, if they qualify) but it isn't required.